Positioning Nonprofits for Financial Success

Kae Dakin Consulting

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Kae is a strategic consultant and coach to CEOs, executives and governing boards of nonprofits, associations and NGOs.  A trained facilitator and presenter, she specializes in strategic planning, fund development,  board training and communication. Following over 20 years of leading nonprofits, she started her practice.

Kae's career accomplishments reflect her expertise at leading nonprofits to financial success.

  • As CEO at Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers she tripled the budget, tripled the staff and doubled the membership. She also increased contributed income 10 fold while instituting new programs and operational systems.

  • At the Physician Assistant Foundation  as ED Kae doubled the budget, tripled individual giving and increased corporate giving by 40% in one year. She directed a re-branding initiative developing a new mission, logo and tagline.

  • Through strategic organizational planning and board development, as CEO Kae transformed the Leadership America program from a small project of a state organization to a well known national independent membership organization.

  • At  the Global Health Council as VP of Institutional Development, Kae built a diversified funding program, increased individual donations by 150% and corporate and foundation donations by 200%.

Kae has worked with organizations of various staff and budget sizes from staffs of 0 to 50 and budgets from $100,000 to $7 million.

Having served as the chair of four nonprofit boards, she understands the governance side of nonprofit management very well.

Kae earned a Master's in Nonprofit Business Management from the University of Maryland, a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Yeshiva University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Vermont.

She is an active member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals,  the the President of the Association Foundation Group and a proud member of the Association of Philanthropic Counsel. She started her career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya!